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Sep 11, 2003
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hi all,
can you all help, i want some foot files but find that ones i have trained with are not good, i can't clean them well so i don't want to use them on clients so could you tell me which ones would be better and where to get them from?
love dye :rolleyes:
I got one from Nailorder which is in the shape of a foot - it cost about £1.35 and it is good as a general purpose file. If you are looking for something more meaty for lots of hard skin then I would go for the Spa Pedicure Callus Smoother from Designer Nails.
Thanks, I'll try them, but how do recommend i go about cleaning them. The ones i use seem to hold on to the skin & i end up throwing them away! barbicide doesn't seem to do the trick.
Love dye x
So glad you asked this question Dye! I was about to post something similar!!

Maybe i was mis informed, but when i was at college i was told not to use foot files, because the action of filing the dead skin will heat up the area and therefore dry the skin out even more; seems to make sense to me but loads of people still use them. I just use a good exfoliant instead. Any views on this?

I think you need to use both.

Exfoliate first but of course as we all know, exfoliating will loosen but not remove as much of the hardened skin from the callused area as one wants.
It is necessary to soften that callus and not to remove it all as it is a protection for the areas of the feet where it builds up.

Follow callus removal with a strong moisturiser like cucumber heal therapy from the Creative SpaPedicure range. Every product in the range is designed to soften built up callus so any dead material can be removed with the callus Smoother -- which by the way is fully sanitisable in barbicide. One can sanitise and re-use the metal mesh screen for up to a dozen times before changing it for a new screen.

As for the heating up and drying thing??? I don't buy it!!!
would you use a nail brush to brush the skin off before soaking it clean
love dye
I clean every instrument I use in detergent and water first before soaking in a sanitising solution. This is always recommended or otherwise you solution gets disgustingly yukky.

By all means use a brush to dislodge any debris and rinse thoroughly.
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