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Trina From Alberta

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Apr 2, 2003
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Alberta, Canada
I recieved your message about my avatar, I responded and wasn't able to get the message to go through. I did a search on avatars and found it on a free avatar site,many of the sites have simular ones. Hope this helps you find the one you are looking for.
Hi there Trina, how do you go about finding free avatar sites? I am a complete pc idiot, I will need CLEAR help if you will
Hi Debbie,
All I did was go into my search engine and type in avatar and it will show you tons of sites, the ones that are free will tell you that you can download them to your PC.
Hope this is clear enough for you, and might I add you are quite clever getting your picture on the board, I have not been able to figure it out as of yet but am not giving up. :flower:
Thanks for that Trina, I`ll have a go at finding some. I have to say it took me absolutely ages to work out how to get my pic small enough to put on here but now I`ve done it I feel very clever about it. Ain`t I sad.......
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