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Daisy 100

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Apr 1, 2004
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Hello everyone!

Cheeky I know but next week I am about to do my last day of the Creative Foundation Course - the assessment/exam can anyone tell me anything about it please is it just a case of reading all my notes I made in the first 3 days?

Thanks in anticipation - by the way loving the course it's fantastic!

Daisy x x x x
It is a case of learning and understanding the notes you have taken and any other information you have been given.

The assessment will determine for those at the Creative Nail Academy wheather or not you fully understand the safety issues involved before they allow anyone to go out and paractice on friends and family.

This assesment is only the FIRST rung of the education ladder the basic FOUNDATION of the later information you will need to understand to go on to gain Master accreditation and be qualified in the art of nail enhancement. It doesnt end at 4-5 days tuition!!

If you want to get your 'degree' in Nails, then you have to go the whole way otherwise you will only ever do the job with basic skills and understanding.
Hi Geeg

Thanks for the encouragement and support so how do you go about going for your degree what step are involved etc what do I do next

Daisy x x x x
Speak to yur Academy Ambassador/Tutor and she will help you to form an Action Plan.
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