Foundation cutting course - worth it?


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Sep 10, 2010
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Sussex, UK
Hi Geeks!
I'm just looking for opinions please :) I'm thinking about doing a foundation cutting course to compliment my NVQ2. I'm only at college one night a week, and work experience in a salon one or two days a week.

I don't by any means think I will be qualified to cut hair once I've taken the course, but I am thinking that any extra tution that I can get would be a bonus... what do you think? Do you think they are worth the money? Would it look good on my CV?

Is there anything else I could do if you don't think it's a good idea? I'm willing to try what I can!

Cam x
Sounds like a great idea. NVQ2 is a very basic course, and lots of people acheive it. Anything that sets you apart will really help your career.
Brilliant, thanks :) I really want to do everything I can to give myself a good start! In an ideal world I would go back in time 10 years and do an apprenticeship, but at 27 that's not going to happen LOL.

I guess if it doesn't even necessarily teach me anything it will show how passionate I am and am willing to go the extra mile!

Thanks for your reply!

i would definately go for it, you will learn so much. Training is such a important part of hairdressing and you can never stop learning. I have been hairdressing 12 years and still regularly go on colour/cutting courses/seminars it keeps you up to date and inspired. get as much knowledge under your belt as possible it will give yourself and future employers confidence in your abilities.

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