Free Edge creeping up only when enhancements on!!


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Jan 12, 2006
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Slough, Berkshire
Hiya Geeks,

I had my nails on for just over a year but about 6-8 months ago I realised that my free edge had started to creep up my nail. It looked like onycholysis (spelling??) and it was really looking ugly when I did my pink & whites as it could still be seen. After pushing up my whites to cover it (getting close to looking horribly fake!) After a weeks growth, I could see this problem again!

I have had to take my nails off for college and they're fine now and the free edge has receded and is back to normal.

But then I was trying out a new glitter powder on my pinky and it has happened again!! (Only to that nail).

I started to panic and checked all my clients but they're absolutely fine! It just keeps happening to me!

Does anyone know why this is happening?? Is it something i'm doing wrong on myself because my clients are fine!

Please help! xx

p.s. I know title was crap, i couldn't think of how else to explain it! xx
hmm, this is very strange i have never heard of anything like this, have you asked your college teacher about it? Maybe you have an allergy to one of the chemicals??
Has the nail actually separated or does it just look cloudy? Is there any redness on nails?
It could be that the nails were too long for you or the product was applied too thickly? Or even the nails have been overbuffed from having extensions(we all get a bit excited when we do our own!) and were still a little bit thin?
Yes! It looks like the nail has seperated from the plate (like the onycholysis i mentioned earlier). I've just poked a pen under there (very hygienic!) and I think it is seperated but can't 100% tell. Plus there is slight redness which comes LATER when it becomes more pronounced and only just above it, not the whole nail.

I've done 3 more nails today and will see how they go.

I don't think it's down to buffing and my nails are never really thick. Maybe it is down to a chemical??

My college teacher doesn't know about enhancements, don't know if she'll know the effects I have but I could ask

I just don't get why it happens!!! :irked:

Plus they are always overlays and never long, But the 3 new nails are tips

you may be one of the few that cannot wear nails, this same thing happened to my MIL ...... everytime.

Just to add make sure you are not flooding with primer (if this leaches under the free edge it will also weaken them)

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