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Sep 30, 2010
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Cardiff, Wales
Hey, just came across this offer, i think many of you might be interested to put your company name on T-Shirt for only delivery price - something under 4£.

Here is The Link

Hope it helps :)
I had one once thought they were rubbish lol got some done at a place in town much better xx
I had one of them few years back. Was good and matched my appoinment cards x
Ive got about 7 printed t-shirts from Vistaprint and I think they're are great.
I just ordered mine! I paid only £3.70 for the whole thing, that was for shipping. The thing with Vista is they just try and trick you at every turn, change the style of the tee, change the colour, add this, add that and before you know it - BOOM! You've spent £40 on a 'free' t shirt. But if you've used them before and are wise to their ways it's a good way to get a printed tee for just £3.70!

Thanks for the link!
i order everything from vista but wait until they send me an email with offers and free shipping!!

i wore one of the t shirts to a wedding exhibition i did recently and all the other exhibitors wanted one !!

ive just got some of their magnets, hubby thinks they are fab and much better than a card that ppl can lose!

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