Freehand or Airbrush?


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Mar 16, 2004
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Hi peeps, I have done a basic nail art course, and learnt things like the palm trees and flowers etc, which i know are very simple!! but i am still learning, i just dont know whether to forward the nail art freehand which is what i have learnt or to invest in airbrushing?

Would be grateful if people could let me know what they prefer and why:biggrin:

Thanks x x

I can only speak for myself as I don't have a client base yet (still training) but...

I have done some freehand nail art on myself in the past and did get good comments (although always do when nails look a bit different). Melle Stripp recently airbrushed my nails for me - NO CONTEST, the airbrushing wins hands down. It is less time consuming and the detail/accuracy IMO are better than you can get no matter how steady a hand you have.
With airbrushing you can also do 'simple but effective' stuff like colour fade that I don't know how you achieve freehand (apologies to anyone out there who can do it!).

I'd say that if you are going to offer nail art as a service and you can afford to set up with an airbrush and compressor etc. then I would go for it. You can't be over-qualified. I find there are still so many people who haven't got a clue about what air-brushing is so it's 'extra-cool' to be offering such a new and exciting service - and anyway, you don't have to do one or the other - you can airbrush a lovely mix of colours onto the nail and then do some fab hand-painted on the top of that.
All the best
hi, personally I just love airbrushing, the detail is fab and its so easy to get great effects, but every one is different. Could you not have a go at it before commiting yourself perhaps this may help you make the decision.

Grace x
Thanks peeps, your advice is great and has kind off spurred me now to get a taster of airbrushing i have always though about it but have worried about the cost of the compressor etc, but i think i will have a go. x
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