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May 31, 2012
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Help please need all the advice I can get on free hand French manicures so I can make a good job and pass my course! X
It really is just practice- I used to dread doing them in college because I always seemed to make a mess of it but with lots of practice you do just get your own technique of doing it and I love doing them now.

Some people can do it in a swipe from each side to centre whereas I start on the middle of the nail with the tip of the brush flat and just kinda do small strokes to make the smile line letting the brush do the work..sorry I'm not great at explaining!

I have a thin brush dipped in remover and nearly dried off on cotton and use this to sharpen the smile line. It depends on the nails really whether I have to do this, I find doing french on short nails or tiny nails that I always do tidy the smile lines but when a client has long nails then its like you could do it with your eyes closed!

Watch lots of tutorials and if you search on here I am sure there would be loads of threads with lots of tips and hints...and then spend as much time as you can practicing, after all you have a hand always there to practice on and perhaps look at getting a nail trainer or use some tips and anyone near you with hands- nab them!
keep your elbows or forearms on the table balance the pinky of the hand you are painting with onto the clients hand , this is called balance point positioning it will stop you from being shaky and help you to be more precise in your painting ,

apply your first layer very thin , this will guide where your second (slightly thicker ) coat will sit.

Buy some nail fresh and a small detail paint brush , use that to swipe in and neaten up the smile line .

stay calm .
Thanks guys in the training I have been told to pink first then the tips what's best? X
Hi. I decided not to be scared of posting. I do white tips first then irridescent polish. It dulls the white tips but u can still see them. I guess if u did it the other way round then the tips would be more noticable. Xxx
I do base, pink/nude, White tips and top.
I practiced every night the whole year I was at college.
My tutor said to do base then tips incase you make a mistake but I don't think it looks so good.
Think I will just keep practising and see what works I could always get someone with long nails for my assessment so its easier and takes the pressure off me a bit x
I use a small flat slanty gel brush to wipe the excess white off at the smile line. Also do same with gelish French.

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