Friendly protest against MMA what do you guys think?


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Jul 17, 2003
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We are all very passionate about the banning of MMA in the UK, watchdog was brill getting it out on the tv shame it wasn't very long.

What about every nail geek, tech planning a protest walk around an area all wearing the same t-shirt voiceing our views, wearing pink hats to get us noticed. Then along the way we can give flyers and talk to people about it. What a sight it would make nail geeks of the UK showing how we stand by our profession and want what is best for our prospective clients.

The whole thing should get into the papers - maybe and it will give us all a chance to air our views on a more personal level, and get more signitures on our petitions.

What do you think
The mma issue is really taking off now! I love the idea of a get together, good excuse for more gossip! I hope you have signed my petition on my website. Once we have 2000 signed up, its time to take it to the big boys. I have contacted the main mags and local newspapers for more support. This will be the ideal chance for us to get together. We can sort dates when we hit the 2000! Will see ya there! From Rachel xx :D
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