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Mar 3, 2012
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Hi geeks just wondering how you tend to cut your clients sweep/side fringe..

A few people like to comb it over to the opposite side of the face to trim...

Or comb it in the palm of the hand and cut across the hand

Just wondering how you geeks prefer to do it also to give a few techniques for me to try out x
I like to do comb it to the opposite side of the face then detail dry.. x
Thank you for replying :D I'm just trying to gain tips and opinions as I'm still training, I've seen a few people do it that way and it looks fab xx
Me too, when I do a fringe I get nervous but it always looks good it's just the thought of doing it and it not being right :/
I love and hate fringes at the same time. I tend to do the overdirect method.
I like to pull over to the opposite side mainly 😃
Looks like I should bite the bullet and give it a go then! It's exactly just the thought of doing opposite to achieve the look lol I'm nervous to do it xx

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