Frozen Sunjunkie tanning solution


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Apr 12, 2010
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Somerset, UK
Hi geeks,

Just wondering if any of you have had problems after defrosting your Sunjunkie frozen tan? I always use 8% supreme and when using a fresh bottle it comes out beautifully brown. However when I use one after freezing it (which they say is ok) I'm getting reports back from my clients that they've gone orange within a matter of hours of leaving the salon and stays like this after showering. Which obviously I don't want! Has anyone else had this problem?? Thanks!!
I don't use Sunjunkie but would be interested to see replies. Just out of interest - what's the benefit of freezing the solution?

Hi Beautychic

Sunjunkie only lasts 3 months so they suggest that you can store it for up to a yr in the freezer so you get a longer life on it. The fact that it only lasts 3 months is becoming to be a pain in its self especially during quieter periods when less clients are wanting tans as it goes off! Annoyingly both clients who had a problem have only told me after asking them during their next appointment. Neither thought it would be a wise idea to find and tell me. I could potentially be be losing clients and pennies
*ring not find! Sorry for the abrupt end my next client arrived early! :)
Am I the only one having this problem? I'm seriously thinking about changing my solution :-(

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