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Oct 22, 2003
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Droylsden in Manchester

Can any other mobiles out there tell me what they do to combat fumes when in someone elses home?

All suggestions gratefully accepted.

OK... gonna jump in... get picky... then jump back out.

Fumes are particles suspended in smoke (think car exhaust)

Vapours are what form when a liquid evaporates. In the salon you will never find fumes... only vapours... I know its a bit picky... but hey ;)

back to your regularly scheduled program :batman:

I am also a mobile nail technician and I always try to sit by a window. Unfortunately I think that is the best we can do.

I wear a mask when applying product and also ask if my client wishes to use one (just to ask in case they dont like the smell)

Hope this helps......if anyone else has any other suggestions??????

I would definitely agree that there has to be a window open or some flow of air. If a gas fire is on and the room is nice and cosy as it is in these dark winter days, I always feel that the vapours are worse. Although I work at home, I am in an area of the house where there are no fires although there is a radiator but the room isn't closed in so it isn't too bad.

I'm sure you can buy small but effective extractors which can be used close to your work area.

Hope you find a workable solution.

All the best
Ok I have a super picky husband that always complains about the smells associated when doing nails :rolleyes: Main reason because i gave up smoking 5 months ago and now think he stinks when he has a ciggy, he has to retaliate back with something so my nails get the hounding.

Anyway I racked my brain for a perfume idea to cover the smell, can not have a scented candle, oooh noo fire hazard and all that, did not want to keep spaying those room fresheners in a can, so thought a ha in tescos they sell a little ambi pure thing it is a round glass ball thing that sits nicely on the desk. I had the orange smelly one and it did the trick, because all anyone can smell is orange. I think you can get them in a variety of smells.

Or what about one of the smelly dangly things people put in there cars, you can get the little wooden fruit things, try getting one of those and attaching it to your bag, trolly or what ever you use to carry your products about in, then the clients will smell that.

Maybe that will help, hope so.
Grace x
For the advice - and sorry Geek - forgive a newbie!
I think it also helps a bit to dispose of your rubbish carefully as you go along (like the bits soaked with polish remover and such!) , like in maybe a scented baby's nappy sack or something, if you can't use a metal bin coz it might be a bit big to carry round!

Just a thought,

luv Sarah x
Nail room is right, it is EASY to minimize the smell of liquid monomer when doing nails. Your dappen dish is only in use for what 10 minutes maximum??? The vapours are not coming from there ... not really, the vapours are coming from.

1. Mainly wiping your brush on your paper towel!! Try not to do it. If you must wipe your brush, then do it on a gauze pad (preferably the one you have already used to sanitize the nail.) The small amount of liquid left in the pad will help to draw the monomer into the pad and hold it there so it is not stinking up the room.

2. Keep our dappen dish covered at all times that you are not using it.

When finished application, throw your pad and paper away in a metal peddle bin or wrap up in some foil wrap to hold the vapours in and discard it later.

These two things will reduce your odour by 80% immediately.
Odour is as big a problem as YOU make it. It can be controlled by you and kept to a minimunm.
Thanks - that's brill.
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