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Sep 9, 2003
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My client came for a regular rebalnce and also her 70 year old mum. I'm nearly finished when my client mentions the NO MMA sign I have on display behind me. As I go on to explain the dear old mum chips in 'Ooooh I thought it was one of them credit cards!!!' (she thought it was MBNA) Imagine a big hand saying NO MBNA!!! Ha Ha
Well my client and I just burst out laughing!!! :D This was after we discovered that Mum likes the odd tiny tipple of sherry at lunchtimes...just to use it up!! Well that was it, had the giggles for ages!!

Well it was funny at the time!!

thought I'd share that one with you

luv Sarah xx
Sawasdee kha

When i learn nail in bangkok is salon them teach and have customer and have 1 lady she have 81 year come shop have nail done enhancement and i can not beleive .

I speak with her you like nail she tell me make her feel young and when she go out she not feel old .

I happy i can do my own nail maybe i never feel old next time lady come your shop make old lady same and she happy .

Kop khun kha mui
My mum is one for getting things wrong and saying the wrong words...... it's a scream!!
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