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Sep 12, 2013
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We all know how much people trust their hairdresser and confide in them all manner of stories.

I am working on an exciting new project, researching a book about some of the funny, strange and downright outrageous things people share while in the hairdresser's chair.

I'd love to hear from as many hairdressers as possible with snippets of the things you have been told by clients over the years.

Of course, no names of people or places will be used throughout to ensure total client confidentiality.

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to reading your stories.
I know you said hairdressers but I'm in beauty and this one story sticks in my mind. I was doing a spray tan for this lady who was a little large very pretty, quite shy. She was having this done for her 30th Birthday as you do I was making polite conversation about what she was wearing for her party, she informed me she was going to a nudest nightclub, I then had a image that is a bit concerning of naked body dancing all bits swinging not good lol :D
Thanks for sharing.

I'd love to hear stories from all you who work in beauty too.
I do extensions and I do a woman in her 50's and she informed me she did a few porno's when she was younger! and gave a few graphic details. Safe to say I have never been so close to throwing up in someone's hair! No matter what I said she wouldn't stop!!! Xx
Are we all going to get a free copy of the book (or royalties) if we contribute?
If I get the book published I'll be happy to send a copy to anyone who contributes.
My price list now reads Spraytan £18 additional tinted lenses £2 Lol :D
I used to have lady who would replicate the meow sounds of each of her 6 cats every time I was doing her hair! Xxx
Great stories folks - please keep them coming!
Oh, obviously this wasn't said but it was rather funny and I felt so sorry for the lady. She sneezed and wet her self in my living room during application of hair extensions! I had to lend her my dressing gown and wash and dry her clothes for her! She was so ashamed bless her! I felt quite sorry for her. She's a repeat customer and when I do her hair we laugh about it now! I think she's decided to invest in good ode tenna ladies! And she also left me a pretty decent tip. Lol. Poor woman!
I had a gentleman (around 50) come in abs he said, 'Oh your new, what's your name?' To which I replied Samantha. 'Oh lovely' he said 'I have a dog called Samantha.... She's a bitch too!!!!'

Lol I was go smacked! But when everyone else giggled and he winked I soon realised his joke, he's the salon clown!

Not sure if this fits your book but I thought I'd share!!
Fantastic stories - can't wait to read more!
One client informed me she cut her husbands hair at home, and she also used the clippers to shave her 'minnie' ...x
Brilliant! Anyone got a cheekier story than that to share?
Oh and another, a rather well to do lady I have in regularly was receiving 'suggestive' text messages from an unknown person! She read them out for me lol xxx
I once had a client telling me about her new beau... As the conversation progressed she told me of his considerable size.... Imagine my surprise when I got home to a private message on Facebook from her including a pic of his schlong ;-/
Lol! Any strange requests for hairstyles/celebrity lookalikes?
Not so funny pretty sad,

Had a client who insisted on painting her young sons nails and tried her best to get him to act/behave feminine

Why you ask? Her words I would rather loose him to a man than another women
Lol! Any strange requests for hairstyles/celebrity lookalikes?

Lol yea I was asked for a Jennifer Anniston cut but the client insisted if I cut her hair like that she would look like her, eh no lovely youl never look like her!

How the hell do you say that with a straight face,
I had a lady a few months ago purchasing some products and she asked me what the semen was for. I had to turn my back and pretend to look for something. It was the serum she was talking about. Even after she said it she still didn't realise. It was difficult to keep a straight face. It still makes me smile.
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