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Jan 8, 2004
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east sussex
Hi, am starting to get myself together a bit now, but have hit a problem. I can't decide what to use as furniture in my salon/room. I need something to display my retail on and to use as filing and storage. Just wondered what you guys use or if you have any ideas. Ta. x :rolleyes:
Well done for getting things started. I would imagine cost would play apart in what your buy. I brought a few bits from Ikea. A metal trolley to display my Spa Manicure & pedicure and a tall Billy bookcase for folded towels, retail prodcuts, Nail Art, brochures things like that.

You could see if there is anything on e-bay or in your local paper.

All the best
i had my displays from homebase it depends what you want to pay, you can pay £0000`s or £`s.
added a pic of mine, they cover the whole wall on one side of the room about 16ft long, then i have a locked cupboard for acetone/monomer etc
no retail on there at the moment it looks a bit messy :eek:


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Hi Dawn, Even without the retail i think your display looks fab - thats how I want mine to look like once I have got my room ready..

In argos they do really nice chrome units in the bathroom section which are quite handy,and also nice glass and chrome shelves. I am having a similar problem and cannot think as to what would be the ideal flooring to put down in my new nail/beauty salon, as i am really having to watch my pennies!
Any advice would be great!


It all depends on the size of the room and what you consider to be cheap - you can get laminate flooring from very cheap to very expensive - check out
I just had the floors in my house re carpeted and i asked the guy in the shop (we know him) what flooring would be best and most cost effective and he said vinal, cause you can get it so it looks like laminate and its more waterproof than laminate? just a thought?

Your shelves look fantastic, thanks for all your ideas. :D
Is the Salon in your home or an actual shop? Just trying to get a mental picture!

I got a gorgeous glass shelf unit with a door from Ikea. I think it was about £80. It has a glass door as well and it is perfect. I also have a kind of squiggly shelf unit. It's in kind of an 'S' shape. It is pine and crome, and it works well because not all my products are in a straight line, so it is eye catching. They still sell both of these.

What Colours are you going for?

I got some office chairs luckily from a supplier at my Mum's work. They are amazingly comfortable. The clients chair is designed to fit in the arch of your back, and has arm rests. And mine has moveable seat and back rest so you can find the perfect position for yourself, and also the arm rests move to whatever height you need.

If you find chairs you like but they are the wrong colour then choose a material and you can get somebody to back them for you. It'll save on trying to find the right chair in the right colour, believe me! :rolleyes:

As for clients waiting, get one or two tubs chairs from Ikea or check on the internet, as these can sometimes get too expensive.

Hope some of this helps.

Victoria x
I'm opening my salon from home!! am so excited i can't wait!! :biggrin:
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