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Sep 6, 2006
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I have been looking into changing the brand of l & p I use and was wondering if anyone has tried fusion:
Buy Fusion products from Beauty Express

Is it good and also does anyone know the difference between the monomer and monomer plus?

Thank you everyone x x x

the difference is that the monomer plus is a primer -less monomer that is ultra fast curing according to their website

will watch this as i'm thinking about trying it as well so will be interesting to see ehat people think

never heard of it but good luck. personally i just fell in love with Young Nails
If you type Fusion in the search bar you'll find a thread started by Freckles in which I have made some comments about this product.

I changed to Fusion as I wanted a more reasonably priced L&P system and I was impressed. I was getting loads of air bubbles in my usual L&P so tried this and it's brilliant.

They do a really good custom blend kit too and if you follow the instruction on the 'colour wheel' on here you'll get a good result. I did. The thing is you don't mind experimenting with the colours 'cause it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I'd definitely recommend you give it a go!
Thank you for all your replies, I've put my order in, can't wait to try it! x x

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