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Sep 25, 2012
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Hi everyone. I seen the demo of G body art at pro beauty and fell in love with it. I was wondering if anyone offered this or other glitter tattoos and how you find business with them? Do they sell? I'd like some advise before I invest. Xx

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No one at all? xx
I have seen g body art but don't know much about it, i do little glitter tattoos though at birthdays, fetes, fairs etc and they are really popular. Have you tried searching in the search bar at the top ? I think it's quite a new different thing so just have a think who it would be aimed at and how you would promote and advertise it. Sorry I'm not much help !
Hi I didn't want to read and run but not sure I'm much help!

I offer glitter tattoo's alongside my face painting business. I have brought my kits from glitter bodyart. I always shop around and crunch figures and they seem to offer the best value for what I want. Their tattoo's are aimed more at children imo and are not as 'sophisticated' as some of G body arts.

In terms of whether you should add them to your business, I don't know. The profit margins are good if you can sell them! I tend to do mine at parties, events & fund raisers etc. I'm unsure they would sell individually within a salon environment as G bodyart tend to suggest. I suppose it depends what your business currently offers and how and where you operate.

I would research your competition and shop around before committing x

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