Gel cracking at Apex at infils stage???


Hi All,

Just a question hope someone can help me, I've been doing nails for a while now not as long as you guys though and still coming accross things that I have no idea why they happen.
I use Ibd and when I do the nails they seem fine to me all flush at the sidewalls not too thick etc:rolleyes: but when I go to do the infils it's like they have grown thick and are spilling onto the free edge and when I file to blend the grown nail into the natural nail it cracks so that I am left with hardly any gel on the apex area atall,:rolleyes: so when I re-apply gel it just looks naf and I can see the cracking through the newly appied gel.

Can someone help please does anyone do IBD please?

Thanks very much in advance for your help:hug:

Kate xx


Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
It is not a problem with IBD it is more a problem of where you are placing your apex and there not being enough gel in the right area.

The highest point of your product should be in the centre of the nail and it should run all the way along the nail from eponychium to free edge just like a back bone to the nail.

If you always structure your enhancements like this you will not get breaking or cracking at the stress area.