Gel extensions & overlay problems!


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Jan 21, 2012
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Hi Geeks,

I recently done a Gel extension course. However, when I do Gel extensions or gel overlay the gel does not last that long!!!
My mum had some Gel overlay on her nails last Monday and it started to all break off and she only had it on for a week???
Can someone help as I am meant to be doing my cousins nail extensions next week for a wedding but do not want them to come off after a week!!!
Also I use the edge Gel, is there anything better to use?

Thanks geeks
Have you made sure all ur prep is done correctly? The littlest bit of dust left on the nail plate will affect the nails

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If they're breaking, you should take note where they're breaking. Most likely it would be around the apex, and that would mean building a stronger apex to reinforce that area to avoid breakage. Also, make sure the length is not too long. A person who heavily uses their hands a lot shouldn't have nails that are too long because they're bound to bump or bang it on something, causing stress to the whole structure, making it break or crack. And if it's lifting, as stephyy said, make sure your prep is dome correctly. Just buffing off shine will not guarantee the nails will adhere. Make sure there is no cuticles on the nail plate, and ceanse the nail plates and dehydrate right before applying product.

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