Gel lifting on natural nails


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Feb 23, 2004
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Please help someone?!
I am having problems with gel lifting after a couple of days when doing overlays on natural nails. This never happens when I do tips or sculpted extentions.
The gel lifts at the FE so creating a gap between the gel and the nail. This is very worrying as it could invite nasties to get underneath and cause my clients problems. The gel never lifts down the side walls or near the cuticle because I ensure the gel is nice and thin in these areas. I ensure the gel is also thin at the FE and always 'cap' it with gel.


Should I be using a primer on natural nails overlays. The products I use do not say that I should.

Sounds like your gel is shrinking back before you cure it.
Try doing one or two nails on one hand and then work on the other hand whilst the first is curing.
Hope this helps
:) Jane:)
Also try 'capping' along the free edge so that it shrinks to the nail instead of away from it. Remember that gels shrink much more on average than any other system.

Hope this helps ;)
Shellie, what gel are you using?

I like thick, non-leveling (but soft) Builder to build up the nail just like you wold any other extension.
Thin, self leveling gels seem to shrink and don't work as well......
I amazes me that the thin "paint on like a polish" gels are usually sold for that purpose
I do a lot of natural nail overlays and find that it is almost impossible to build a strong nail (overlay) with a thin, runny gel
Thanks for the replies guys, but I am doing all the things suggested above. I cure one nail at a time while working on a nail on the other hand. The gel i use is from pronails and is not runny but is sort of self-levelling. Perhaps the clients nails are a little thin and therefore over flexible? What do you think?
have you tried using a form and bringing the gel right over the free edge of the natural nail ?
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