Gel nails keep peeling, why?


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Claire Olsen

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Nov 14, 2015
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New York
I'm a hair geek but I was just curious to know about my nails so any help would be appreciated!
I get my nails done every 2 weeks, I have acrylics.
I always get gel nail polish on it (not sure which one) because I wash hair on occasions and I feel like it protects it more.
They chip within the first week, sometimes the day of!
I wear gloves at work when I do wash, but I don't know why I pay the money to get gel if the regular polish would do the same?
Thank you everyone!
This is a tricky one, sometimes the brand that the technician is using could be more soluble than others in terms of different kinds of chemicals being used in a hair salon. Other times it could be plain old preparation of the cuticle. It could also be a lack properly buffering the acrylic or using the wrong grit on the acrylics making them too smooth and not enough traction for the gels to hold on. It could also be not a proper bonder being used prior before application. It could also be the gel not being cured all the way through. There could be many factors into this one. I hope this helped in any way possible.
Thank you very much, I'm not a nail person but I just hate getting my nails done and having them ruined the next day!

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