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alli bongo

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Feb 19, 2006
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cambridge uk
I have been doing nails for about 4 years now and in August decided to start up my own business. It is going OK at the moment. However I have a question. Just lately I have had a few new clients who would like me to do their maintenance for them. They tell me that they have had Gel nail extensions, (I mainly do Gel) so that is good.
I ask a few questions like what system it was and where they had them done. It is always the same place. I do know where it is and it is one of the quick in/out no frills places where no one speaks English or not much if you get my drift.
Any way I thought this particular place only did acrylic but my clients insist that it is Gel that they had (and were charged more for it than the Acrylic) They tell me there is two pots on the desk one says gel and the other says acrylic. I ask if the "Gel" was a liquid and powder they answer yes. my next question is was it put under a UV Light box to cure, it was put under a normal lamp at the end. The final question is does it smell Oh yes they say very strong smell.

Am I right in saying that it is Acrylic that they are paying for and not Gel? I think I'm right but would hate to say the wrong thing!!

One of my clients said she would never go back there because it was awful. When they put the tips on they put a heavy weight on her hands for a few minuites and instead of pushing the cuticle back the guy used the drill and then cut them. She said she left the place with blue nails and bleeding cuticles she had them done for her 30th birthday but said her hands were so painfull she couldn't even hold her glass at the party. I said "Oh no what a waste so you didn't get drunk then" She said she did she decided that it didn't hurt so much the more she drank so carried on!!
sounds like L&P to me...most of these types of places will nod and say YES to whatever they are asked for...then they are all given the same thing regardless. To then even charge more when you are only doing the same is just a joke...these places have more neck than a girraffe...but they just keep doing it cos people keep paying it.
Moste likely acrylic indeed. It,s unbelievable that places like that have the guts to fool honest paying people like that.

Sometimes people think that they have gelnails aswell because they had to put their hands in a lamp. Mostley it is because of the fact that they use a gel topcoat over the acrylic enhancements when finished.
Some of these places advertise "gel nails" but l & p is used, when buffed a gel uv top coat is applied then put under the uv lamp for which an extra charge is added for the gel!!
:mad: And you know what Really irritates me about situations like this - you TRY and educate the clients and yet their are Still those who will go back!!:rolleyes:
Thanks for your replies
I knew I was right but wondered if there had been a new system put on the market while I was asleep!! :zzz:
It is definately l&p as when it is filed I can smell it. I did ask my clients if they had a gel put over the top they said no just the french airbrushed on, which rubbed off within days.
It drives me mad that these places are charging more money for something that the client is not getting, and damaging their nails. It is hard work explaining to the client they did not have Gel put on but l&p, they are convinced I am wrong because the pot said "Gel" What can you do!
I feel like going to the salon and telling people that they are not getting Gel so don't pay the extra that they are charging but I think I might get in trouble for it so I just have to hope that their x clients spread the news instead.
Some of these places advertise "gel nails" but l & p is used, when buffed a gel uv top coat is applied then put under the uv lamp for which an extra charge is added for the gel!!

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO HERE!!!!!! They apply acrylic...THEN just a gel topcoat OVER!!!!!!! and charge more money. CRAZY!!! and I tell people that they don't have "GEL" nails....but they don't understand! :smack:

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