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Jun 19, 2010
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hi to all you techs out there. i am new to this site and find it facination. I hve recently tried gelac nail colour from ibd but am having a fe problems. I have had cracking and chipping and one of my clients thumb nails have yellowed when wearing french. Csn anyone shed any light on these problems. and who out there can give me feedback aon all three products. My lamp is a new 36watt uv gel curing lamp so can anyone recommend any particuar lamps?
There have been many posts an these products. I know there is a Shellac social group and also a Gelish one. Not sure about the Gelac though. I am sure if you put the names into the search there will be many threads come up.

I can only speak for Shellac as I have not tried the others. I have worn it myself continually since its launch in May, obviously changing it every 2-3 weeks LOL and I have never had any chipping or lifting problems.

Shellac is not a gel, like the others, but a hybrid polish with gel technology.

The preparation of the nail I believe is different with the others where the recommendation is to prepare the nail as for enhancements.

Have you checked with your IBD supplier to see if your lamp is suitable. It would not be suitable for Shellac, it needs the CND specific lamp.

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