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May 22, 2012
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Rainham, Kent
Hoping someone can help. I currently use Gelish nail products but am looking at purchasing some shellac. Can I use the Gelish Base coat and top coat on a shellac colour? Is it applied in the same way as Gelish? Any advise much appreciated :)
No, no and no!

Gelish is a gel polish, and Shellac is a power polish not a gel. You should never mix systems,and you would also require the CND UV Lamp to cure Shellac properly.
There is a tutorial here on site for Shellac application and whne you read it you will see the differences. HTH
Shellac is actually not a Gel. You should stick to the whole shellac system otherwise you will probably experience problems with lifting and difficult removal. Shellac should also be cured with the CND UV lamp which you may not already have (this lamp will cure gelish however!) There is a handy video which explains why you cant mix shellac with other systems.

Shellac vs. Gel Polish - YouTube

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