Gelish colour??


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Dec 8, 2010
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Stewarton Scotland
Hi im looking for a gelish colour the same as Shellac Strawberry Smoothie. Iv bought ones that I think from shade chart are same but they either dont show colour well or don't have that shimmer through them x?
I guess there isn't ???? X
I don't have Strawberry smoothie, so can't help. But there is a Geek that is a Gelish Educator that helped me a lot with colours. I'm pretty sure she either does or did use Shellac too.

I think her username is Emmsy something! You could try looking on the members list and pm?
I can email you some jpegs of my colour wheels if you would like.
They may help you see a little better as the pictures were taken outside in natural daylight.

If anyone would like me to email these over feel free to mail me on [email protected] and title the email 'colour pics' or something like that :)
I'll reply as soon as I can x
Fantastic that would b great. Thank u x

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