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Jul 28, 2013
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Bought this at gmex yesterday .... Worked out how to use but are you supposed to use the gel polish then cover in the laquer then use magnet then top it of? Not sure if it's 2 separate products or you use both xx
It's 2 separate products. The Gel Polish, then the regular nail polish xx
Can you seal the laquer as if just using as a varnish will chip?? Xx
You would use the Gelish Magneto with Top It Off and cure as normal.

The Magneto nail lacquer/varnish can be sealed with a normal top coat.

Hope this makes sense xx
I think so .... Lol.... So it's a gelish colour that you use as you would gelish but the varnish is just a varnish that u use the magnet!! How do you find it lasts xx
You can use the magnet on the gel aswell x
Eek jus used top coat and it has all gone back to one colour???!!!!
Thanks just tried with gel!!! Why have a varnish and a gel if magnet works with both??!! Xx
Yes you can use the magnet on either on them.

If using on Gelish, use the magnet on 2nd colour coat BEFORE curing. When you get the design you like pop it in the lamp and cure. Complete with TIO.

With the varnish, again use on 2nd coat, wait to dry and normal top coat xx
Thanks just tried with gel!!! Why have a varnish and a gel if magnet works with both??!! Xx

I think the varnish was a sort of "bonus" item with the Gelish bottle!

I know! Confusing! xx
I think to use the magneto brand they have to sell with the normal varnish. Sold mu varnishes on ebay, got £8 each lol
I've ordered and out of stock.
Damn I was excited too and now I have to wait
I use the normal magneto polish on toes as it doesn't wear and chip as much and it's easier to remove, I always do feet first and by the time I have done fingers toes are dry!
Despite sending me an out of stock message it has arrived in 2 days.
Can't wait to try it!
Thanks Harmony :)
Anyone got any recommendations on which magneto colours are nice? I have the green already

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The red and blue are lovely. Sorry can't remember their names and have been very popular. The silver, iron princess, is a lovely colour by itself, very glittery so the magnet affect doesn't show up very well.
Don't suppose you have any swatches?

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The blue shows up the pattern really well.
The blue is lovely, the red is quite a popular colour of mine without the magneto effect. I love the silver one though, subtle with a hint of sparkle.
ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1388087330.362501.jpg sorry it's not the greatest pic!

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