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lisa pink

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May 22, 2011
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Hi geeks just wanted to share info with you all. I've just started out doing gelish and find it hard getting all kit together on a budget, would love to get the led lamp but can't afford it just yet,saw this mini pro 45 led lamp on eBay and asked a few geeks about it a couple said yes it's good so took the plunge, used it today am really happy it is a bit small but I can fit my hand and foot in it, It's got a 45second setting which works perfectly , so untill I can save this will do nicely :)
I agree. I love my little gelish lamp :)
I didn't know that Harmony did a little lamp like this, it's fab! I ordered four 9watt bulbs yesterday which came to more than one off these little lamps cost on e-bay. I have only had my lamp for 6months 36w bought from Sally's and feel it's important to change bulbs regularly. I cannot afford a full blown Gelish lamp, but I would happily buy one of theses little baby's. Is it safe to buy from e-bay and not Harmony?. I just had a look on Harmony's site and it's not advertised.xx
Look on Sally's beauty website and check. I got mine from there but I live in the US not sure where you are. I've only seen them on Sally's website or in the store. It might be worth asking the local Sally's if they an order to the store for you.
You can't get these at our Sally's, I got mine from eBay which I know a lot don't like mines perfect so it'll do me for now :)
Hi,MellyDowns I am from Wales in the UK hun.I looked on the Sally web site they only sell the 6g light but looks nothing like the pic of mini pro 45 lamp.xx
Lisa pink I would love one off these. I only Gelish 1-2 times a week and listening to doug schoon on nail talk radio he says if you use your lamp a few times a week then change bulbs every 6 months. I have noticed on my own nails that I am having some chipping at the free edge and when I cleans it is still slightly sticky. I think my bulbs need changing. Having an led lamp would solve these issues and as I plan to get busier I need a better lamp. And it looks so small and cute!xx
I looked on eBay and they look real not a counterfeit so I would Deff buy from eBay since you can't get it at Sally's over there. For personal use you can't beat the price and vein able to do each coat in 45 seconds is amazing!!!!!
Joes nails I love mine so would recommend :)
Hi, I'm new to this is my first post! I have been using gelish for 8 months with a uv lamp but I orderd the mini pro 45 a few weeks ago. I used it last week for the first time and although I loved it because it was so quick and small I found that my gelish didn't last as long. I got less than a week out of it before it lifted at the free edge. I didn't have this problem before, does anyone have any advice, do you think I'm doing something wrong?
how much did u pay for this lamp if u dont mind me asking? i think this is the one im gunna have to get there all so expensive n im new to the gel nails wasnt sure if u had to get the harmony one or if u could get any old led lamp?? scared of how much its all costing me :o
It was £70 from ebay, couldn't find it anywhere else. I saw on the posts that other people had bought it from there. I was gonna buy any led lamp for about the same price but they all had different curing times for gelish so thought it would be safer going with the mini pro 45. Everyone else seems to be getting on great with theirs so don't know if it's just me! X
Are you capping the free edge with every layer? Maybe put an extra coat of ph bond on the tips. I haven't experienced and peeling of mine unless I do a layer to thick.
Think I did my layers too thick, did a french polish last week and it's been great. Thank you
has anyone successfully used the pro:45 with LED gel polishes that arent the gelish brand?

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