Gelish pricing over the top of acrylics?


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Sep 19, 2011
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Hi just completed my harmony fusion acrylic course, ive been thinkin alot about pricing. As regards a full set of acrylics ive been looking around my area they range from £30 upwards. Obviously the NSS charge less. So ive got an idea of what i'd like to charge.

Also wondering what u guys would recommend i charge extra for gelish over the top?? I no i can paint them as normal but wouldnt it take the same amount of time to paint as it would for me to gelish, also youve then got the dryign time of polish and the fact that it can wear off :confused:

Anyone any advice and pricing thoughts on this? Thanx x
Anyone at all? i did a search and didnt find alot of info on this subject x
It's always hard but break down your gelish price as you aren't redoing prep and filing as this is in your enhancement price. I don't know how much you're charging but if I were to do a set of gels at £30 and put shellac ontop (normal price £25) I would probably charge £15-£20 ontop. Hth x
I charge £10 on top of any enhancement or Mani/pedi.

Hth x
I charge £10 on top of my price of a full set of gels or acrylic nails for a Gelish overlay x
Thanx geeks. Blimey ok, :suprised:does anyone give the option to the customer of normal polish applied after? or just apply gelish? only cause im thinking it would take the same amount of time to polish as it would to apply gelish. Sorry for yet another question.
I charge £10 extra for Gelish over acrylics.
I generally don't paint with normal polish anymore, obviously would if a client asked but don't get much demand for it. I do nail art with Gelish or Acrylic paints. x
Hi I charge extra £10 on top cause it's ur time and expensive product xx

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