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Apr 3, 2012
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Hi everyone hope someone can help i recently purchased some gellux and tryed some out on my mum I was very careful not to get any on the skin or cuticle area but she came to me a week later and said they had lifted can anyone help who might use gellux
Thanks laura
I ment to put a day later not a week sorry been a long day
Hi Laura,

Can you put down, step by step, what you did regarding prep, application and curing? That will make it easier for geeks to help you.

My initial thought is that there has been cuticle left on the nail plate or that it has not been dehydrated prior to the base coat - but that's just a guess.

Also, what lamp are you using to cure the Gellux?

I had problems with Gellux so switched to Gelish and also OPI Gelcolor.

Much better quality IMO.
I sanitised all the nail
removed all the cuticle
Applied the fast bond
Applied the base coat then cured for 2 mins
Applied first layer of colour and cured
Applied 2nd coat and cured
Then applied top coat and cured
Cuticle oil
I am currently using uv lamp do u think it's worth switching to LED
Thanks for your help

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