Gellux removal?


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Dec 4, 2015
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eye suffolk
please can anyone advice me on a better technique to remove gellux gel polish! Mayb file off?
What are you doing at the moment?
Gellux is hard to remove annoyingly.
Fully buff off the topcoat and wrap. Using a heat source such as a heat pad or hot towel over the hands while they are wrapped helps the acetone work much better. Then only take off one wrap at a time and push the polish off leaving the others on.
Do you use the easy off base coat?
I'm having a bit of a mare with Gellux
I am trained with CND Shellac and would never have interchanged my products but I've a tan client who wanted to use a Gel..bought Gellux (bond, base/top coat and colours) as seemed reasonably manageable but really struggling to remove, so much so I hurt my client last night using foil wraps and a heat source, burnt her finger :-(
Thinking of stopping using Gel as never have had a problem with CND products..
Any advice apart from heat and foils would be appreciated :)
Did you file the topcoat a little to break the seal and help the acetone break down the product?
I had some trouble with Gellux removal, but I had the nails wrapped for about 20min, only heat source was a cup of tea.
If there are any bits left - rewrap and leave for another few minutes
Yep, filed top coat off and wrapped in foils with towel the edges didn't even lift after 40 mins
Thank you for your response!
I think I'll be sticking to CND Shellac ... Shows how useful the courses are for each product I suppose..
The gellux 2in1 base and top is notoriously hard to remove, we use the easy off base and shiny top coat and have no problems with removal. Hth x
I would get her in about 20 mins early while your finishing a client so she can sit and soak. Gently buff the top to break the seal and wrap, give her a magazine and leave her to soak. After you've finished your previous client I would sit down and one by one remove the foil, scrape, wrap up again and once you've done all ten go back to the first finger and hopefully it should all have come off, if not gently buff with a soft buffer. It does take ages to soak off and needs time and patience, this is why it's an idea to have her soaking while your with a client as its awkward when your both sat there waiting as you can get impatient. I'm sure she won't mind sitting in peace reading a mag. I use shellac for this reason as I don't have the time or patience for other gels but iv soaked off plenty of these other gels and they're a nightmare!
I find the trick is not to leave it on for to long. I set my timer as soon as I start to buff the first nail, wrap and buff as you go along. Get them to choose their next colour. When the timers at 10 mins start to remove the first nail you wrapped. Also if you aply the base coat to thick it really slows the removal down x

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