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Mar 19, 2016
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Hi all.

I'm after some feedback regarding gellux.
I've been using the product consistently for the past year but have recently felt that the quality of product isn't as good as when I first started using. I've felt that the products have become watery?

Anyone else experiencing same?

??? any views on this?

Thinking of switching over to gelish. Any feedback appreciate x
I've been using gellux about 6 months, very happy with it. It's a lot stronger than CND shellac. I've not got all the colours, just about 12, so maybe it depends
I had a lady in to see me a couple of months ago who said she had Gellux on. She'd had it done on holiday and couldn't remember the name of the salon so I couldn't verify if it was genuine or not.

The application was lumpy and thick and removing it as a total nightmare.

I filed off the topcoat and tried wrapping it with nourishing remover. 10 minutes later, little or no movement. So I swapped to acetone with a little Dadi oil. 10 minutes later, a tiny bit of flaking. Finally went for pure acetone, wrapped and placed a heat bag over the top and it still took another 40 minutes to remove.

Thankfully she comes with a friend so I could do her friends nails whilst removing but it was a mare!
I love the product but have recently noticed that the colours are not as bold and am having to use 3 coats of colour.
I have noticed some of the pastel colours need 3 thin coats but they still seem to last just as long as the deeper colours ... I've been using GELLUX for 3 years and can't say I've noticed any drop in quality recently I've got over 50 bottles and I'm still happy with the product - hope this helps xx

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