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Jul 4, 2010
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Can anyone tell me if they have the genie machine, what the results are like and where the heck you buy one from! I cant find out

Are they still going? I had a genie machine a few years back and sold it! Treatments are effective only if the client has a course of 10 initially followed by weekly treatments thereafter and this works out very costly for them. I really wouldn't bother, its an expensive piece of equipment, looks cheap and falls apart easily too. Hth :)
Just saw one on bay for £3,500 it says it cost £6000 new. If you have a large client base who are wanting non surgical lifts this could be profitable. As has been said the machine relies on people taking courses for the machine to be effective and usually you need loyal clientele to sign up for this sort of expense. I have seen the results of a demo in a salon I used to work in, it was impressive and instant but you needed treatments indeffinately to maintain the results.
Thanks guys -
we have a genie and i have to say i swear by it! I have regular treatments myself :)
My therapists are impressed with it too and some of them have used other n/s machines which they say are nothing compared to Genie.
we have a few regular clients having treatments, most have them have had the 10 treatment course and are now coming for monthly maintenance sessions. It's not a comfortable or relaxing treatment, but it gives results.
My machine came with the salon when i bought it...but i'm so glad it did!

Try emailing the company at: [email protected]

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