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Jan 13, 2008
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Hi everyone, I'm new here- looks like a fantastic site. To introduce myself- I qualified in beauty therapy over a year ago but went straight onto have a baby and be a full-time mum. Now I'm hoping to start working part-time, but am obviously out of practice and lack experience. Could anyone recommend the best way to get started? Would asking round my local salons for work experience be a good idea? After getting experience, my other question is, how do you get product training? All the paid jobs I see always seem to say x-product trained preferred. I trained in beauty therapy as a mature student and can only work part-time around my child, so I feel any additional training or experience will be especially important to get my CV up to a decent standard. Anyway, like I say this looks like a fantastic site, so look forward to joining in. :lol:
Thanks for the warm welcome
It's only been about a year since you attended school right? thats not too long. So when you say beauty therapist, are you meaning esthetician?

I would suggest practicing smaller things like polishing, massage, and treatment steps at home. Get all your step-step sheets out from school and go over them. Once you do that I would suggest going back to your school and ask if you can hang out and perform some treatments on friends or walk-ins. (If its a good school they should always let you come back in and re-fresh)

After this, I would simply apply everywhere. Be straight up about your situation and tell them that your really excited about working in the industry. Also make sure to let them know that you would be pleased to take any additional training in whatever they require, and are eager to learn as much as posible, (they will love this).

Good luck!
Hi there, have you thought about going mobile and building up your own client base? I have a five-year-old and a five-month-old and enjoy the flexibility that being mobile offers. I work evenings and Saturdays but I'm lucky that my husband doesn't mind babysitting for me! Just thought it might be a more workable option for you than being committed to a salon.x
I agree with stampy, I think mobile is fab if you have just had a baby. You don't always want to leave baby so you can work round them and still get out if you know what I mean.

I'd say start slowly and build it up, if you are feeling unconfident then practice on friends or family as you don't want to appear nervous with clients.

hth's xxx

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