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Oct 12, 2010
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Hi all,
I am going to do an acrylic nail tech course soon, once qualified I will obviously get plenty of practice in before I start going mobile properly. Im fine with the advertising side of things etc. But im a bit confused on insurance, paying tax, registering the business?...Anything like that i might not be aware of. I work full time so will fit this around my job to start off with. Also will i need to do a VAT return? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Hi LouLou
Seems like we in the same boat. I joined the site yesterday and am doing exactly as you. I start a course at the beginning of November and will be looking eventually to start a mobile business or find work at a salon if I decide to go down the 'career change' route.
Insurance is a must it seems. I have not found all the answers yet with regards registering self employed or tax returns etc but I believe that it is a requirement of the Inland Revenue that you register within 3 months of starting your business. If you are going to do this in addition to your day job then it is inevitable that you will be earning above the tax threshold in which case you will need to do a tax return each year. Again I think there are two parts to it whereby you fill in one section for your 'employed' bit and a second section for your 'self employed' bit. On the self employed side there will also be things that you can claim expenses back for e.g. your stock / some running costs for your home if you work from there etc.
Good luck with your course xx
Hi, I do my insurance with profesional beauty direct, You could google nail tech insurance or beautician insurance etc for other companys. And for all your tax questions look at the HM Revenue & Customs: Home Page website, everything you need to know on there, I registered myself over the phone and took that opportunity to ask lots of questions.
Good Luck

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