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Jun 6, 2003
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Dear All,

Good news! Where I am working the salon has converted to creative. javascript:emoticon(':D') This is due to many problems we have had with the previous system.

The thing I need help with is the product usage. My boss somehow
purchased the liquid and powder from creative but she has not
done a conversion herself. ?!!

The problems I am having are air bubbles when I place the product
on the nail and finding it sets too fast for me. Just to let you know
I having being working in a salon part-time for the past six months
and completed NVQ in April this year.

Therefore should I do the conversion course? I know that may seem a stupid question but the thing that concerns me is what I gather is that creative train in the pink and white technique which I feel very unconfident with but really need to get to grips with using l&p. (I did pass in this technique on the NVQ but god knows how because they sure weren't good....) think doorsteps...ouch the memory is so painful!

I have found it a long hard road learning l&p generally but don't want
to 'give up'. I am not too happy with the standard of my work but have
really no-one to guide me along as my salon owner is also new to it.
I seem to make a lot of mistakes applying l&p though I try my very
best not too!!!!.......

What's the best way forward?



To get the most out of the product, it would be very wise for you to do a Conversion class.

I don't know how your owner 'got hold' of the liquid and powder but There is more to the system than the L&P and you need to use it all to get the best results.

Bubbles ... Retention+ is a slow setting L&P and you must give it time to start the polymerization process before you go pressing it on to the nail. Place the bead on the nail and take a deep breath (2-3 seconds) and let it settle before you start to work the bead. Try not to 'pat pat pat' the bead with lots of little fast presses. Relax and press more slowly into place ... should be no more bubbles.

My explaining in writing can only do so much. A class would answer all your problems.

A conversion class teaches you how to use the products, NOT how to do nails. Creative technicians are taught to work in Pink and White right from the beginning, but it is not mandatory on a conversion class to do so. My opinion is that it would be beneficial for you to do so while you have a teacher present, but that is up to you.

I hope you take my advise and book on a class ... It may be the real start to your getting to grips with nails instead of struggling on with no help.
Dear Geeg,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I think booking onto a conversion course is the best way forward.

Also thanks for advice about using the product. I think it may have been setting fast due to the heat in the salon. (there is a number of heaters on - though at I try and keep the product away from them!)

Best wishes

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