Glam Lash Info required plz asap!


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Oct 15, 2009
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Tyne & Wear
Hi Geeks

I'm looking to do my Eye lash training with Glam Lash at the end of the month as i have searched high and low to find a suitable one for me and they seem to be it!

I would just like to hear from people who have already done their training with Glam Lash and find out how the training was? how many people on course? did they feel confident enough to go out and start trading or do you think you need to get practice in first and if so how long?
How much do you charge per set and for infills?
How long does it take to do a full set?
Do they explain which eyelash size and curl goes where? ( as iv read a few threads that say even after completing the course they were still unsure?)
Is their help for you after the course, someone to talk to and get advice from?
What kit would you advise getting Standard student kit £80 or Deluxe student kit £170

Thanks for listening look forward to your replies!!!

Kim x
Hi, I trained with Glamlash, they are absolutely fantastic! I am going on the lash in a flash course soon, Im really looking forward to it.
I trained aslo with glam lash, found the course great, I got the delux kit, you get 5 differend lengths of lashes as oposed to 3, and 10 sets of pads, and of course a handy little box tohold it in, there are other things you get as well, there is of course enough to start lashing with the basic kit, but you will find you want to get different length lashes and you will need more pads after a few sets of practice.
I am not charging yet, just practicing for now, I think its best to do reseach on your area to help with pricing as it can very quite dramatically.
Everyone picks it up at different levels, so timing is just a personal thing, and then how much practice you put in will affect this as well.
You can call glam lash with any queeries, if there is nobody free to talk to you there and then, they call you back, or you can email as well, I have always had reply's really quickly and found them to be really helpful, I trained with margaret, and she was great and ensured us that any help we needed just to call and she would help no probs. I think they limit the classes to no more than 4, I think.
hth, enjoy the course! x
Hi, The deluxe kit gives you lots of extras. However standard kit is good for starting out if your on a budget. More info on kit comparasion on the website. Enjoy your course when it comes Lou xx

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