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May 25, 2003
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hi everyone
i recently bought some glimmer powder from the g-mex show .i applied a full set of enhancements on my daughter using the glimmer powder in all three zones ,velocity tips and retention+ .they looked amazing and emma was very pleased ..they loved them at her work place and they were noticed a lot on a night out :D .the day after i applied them she came home with a hairline crack across the stress area of the middle finger.i wasn't able to repair the nail for a week (she was away in london).i repaired the nail on friday and today she has come home with two more fingers with hairline cracks in them :( what am i doing wrong :?: do i need to be applying a clear coat of acrylic over the top :?: i thought that the glimmer powder could be applied on its own :? can it :?:
she has never had this problem before..she normally wear pink and whites.
:idea: just a thought could it have something to do with the shape of the nail ...she normally wears square but decided to have stilleto instead .
all help and advice appreciated
thanks in advance
bye debbie :)
The nails shouldn't crack any more easily than any other application.

Your balance may be off because of the new shape or they may be a bit too long. Something is out of balance along with too much stress being applied to the area in which they are cracking.

They sound gorgeous - I've never tried glimmer in all three zones - just in 1 and 2 and I bet Twilight looks cute too like this.

Well, it's true to say that certainly Mosaic powders and the new Metros need the help of Perfect Clear over the top. You see, the little extra "bits" that we have in these sparklies haven't got the same programming as the other clever bits!! They kind of get in the way a bit of the whole bonding thing. We advise that a clear layer goes down first on the natural nail plate and also clear layer over the top to "encapsulate" your sparkly/coloured powder.
There is no doubt that maybe a different shape could have caused it - or a different length - but next time try the clear over the top - using it to create the apex instead of the glimmer. Let me know how you get on xx
thankyou so much for your replies .i will certainly put a clear layer over the top in future ...though probably the shape has played a part in it ...they are longer than she normally wears them because of the point (if you know what i mean ) :?
thanks again
debbie :D
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