Glitter acrylics a little chunky


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Jun 11, 2011
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I did my first set of full glitter acrylics (i usually only do glitter tips),
I pre mix fine glitter with acrylic powder then apply over tip and nail,i then apply a thin coat of clear over to seal.
I find that the glitter acrylic layer is quite tricky to apply and stick,as soon as i apply if i touch it even a tiny bit it moves meaning i need to put a little more on.
The result means the nail is a little chunkier than i would like.
Could someone please tell me how to apply the glitter more thinly.
It also took me a lot longer than normal because i applied natural tips and blended.
thanks :)
I find sometimes that if the mix has too much glitter, it's a bit tricky to work with. I either do 50/50 glitter and powder mix if the glitter is super fine, or 2 part powder 1 part glitter if its just normal glitter. It might also help to lay a thin layer of l&p on the nail prior to the glitter layer when doing an entire nail.
hi,thanks for your reply.
I tried 50/50 but the glitter was not opaque enough so i needed to add more glitter,i think this may have been the problem with making it 'stick'
I would be interested in how everyone else does their full glitter nails,thanks :)
I was taught to put a very thin layer of clear L&P on the nail first.
I tend to buy premixed glitter powders, either Nfu.oh or EzFlow.
Then I know they are the correct consistency and will work.
I also prefer to use clear tips for glitter tips as the colour looks fab from the back of the finished enhancement too. Sometimes it can be fun to put a thin layer of another colour on first then you can have different colours front and back.
With premixed colours it is easier to do this as you can work very thinly but still get consistent opacity.
Thankyou for all your replies,I use nsi and will look into buying their pre mixed glitter.
If using clear tips do you still need to blend the clear tip,i have heard differing advice as to whether you need to blend the tip or not.
thanks :)
I use clear nsi tips with my glitter and I blend them using a White buffer only. literally to take the shelf away but they dont need much blending at all

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