Glitter on Gelish?


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Natalia Edwards

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Jan 13, 2016
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I have recently been working with loose glitter on Gelish and have found that it can dry the gel out near the cuticle areas and sometimes around the edges, any advise how to stop this?
Hiya, What do you mean by 'dry the gel out'? Do you have any pictures to show what you mean? I use loose glitter with Gelish all the time with no problems?
Hi I did the glitter just at the bottom and around the cuticle it seems to be quite dry and peel? Strange as doesn't happen when I do a full glitter nail! Ice had to replace 2 already within a week. It won't let me upload a pic says it's too large
I would think that was a prep issue and not to do with the glitter xx
But it's only happening when use glitter?
Maybe applying too thickly then? Try using reeeeally thin coats. You can always apply two or three coats to achieve the coverage you're after xx
Of glitter or Gelish?
Both. You should always do as thin layers as you can and build it up xx
Ion with Gelish as find that 90% of their colours require 3 coats but with the glitter I just dab it on then press in? I wonder if it's because I've only done half a nails I've not pressed it in enough as didn't want it to go over all of the nail?
Why not try loose glitter? Press it into the tacky layer of the gel then apply your top coat and wipe xx
That's what I'm using
The "dryness" you mention sounds like lifting. It's possible you have excess glitter around the eponychium area that is preventing you getting a good seal with your topcoat. Because you aren't applying glitter to the whole nail, you might find you aren't burnishing it in as well as you otherwise would. Make sure you really brush off the excess well so that there's no excess glitter there before you topcoat. Make sure your prep is really thorough, so there's no dead skin build up left in the eponychium area and also make sure you aren't flooding your topcoat. Gently go around the area with an orange stick if you have to. Good luck! X
Some great advise there! Thanks
These are my nails when first done


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