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Sep 30, 2007
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Hey all just lookin for some advice on how to do glitter tips as a client has asked for gold glittered tips, can i do it without sculpting? i.e using a clear tip and applying the glitter over it.
Thanks :green:
Ezflow do loads of coloured acrylic, I think they do a gold on??? you could always use glitter dust and mix it in with your gel or acrylic only do a thin layer and cap in clear. HTH xx
Thanks hun, yeah it is EZ Flow i use, i just wondered about the application technique really :irked: xx
A lot of people use the 321 for glitter tips, I do zone 1 in a thin glitter over cap the glitter tip in clear before doing the nail plate then the glitter cant stray into that area, if you get any glitter on zone 2 or 3you can just remove it, also use 2 dappen dishes and 2 brushes as you will never get rid of all the glitter on your brush, then always use that for the glitter ( lable it ) hth
As my sculpting isn't great this is what I do:

Tip all the nails with clear tips - I use platinum by millennium
Mix two parts of your powder to one part glitter
Apply the glitter mix over your tip, just as you would with your white
Continue with your application with your pink
Cap the glitter with clear

File and finish as normal

HTH's x x x
Thanks Guys :green:

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