Glue patch test? Yes or No for cse study?


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Mar 30, 2012
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Good Evening all

I am just starting out as an eyelash technician (training), I have completed my course and I am now completing my 5 case studies. I am due to do a case study tomorrow however the lady has said that the glue from the patch test was "itchy". We referred to patch testing on my course but i can't remeber if minor itching is enough to justify not doing the treatment?

Sorry if i have posted i the wrong section

Personally I wouldn't do it. You can't be too careful.
Bottom line would be check with your insurer tho
I would agree. As the patch test is only done on a couple of lashes even a minor discomfort or itch signals that the client has got an adverse reaction to the adhesive and i would personally try an adhesive for sensitive clients (odour and fumefree) to be on the safe side that there will be no problems when you apply a full set of lashes onto your client!

Its not only from a safety point for you and your client but also from an insurance point - after all the patch test is done to see if the client reacts!

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