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Anna Hirsch

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Oct 14, 2015
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Hi, I'm not experienced with dying hair except on myself (in a very unprofessional way). My hair is a level 7 golden blonde, with the last few inches bleached to a level 9 (I had an ombre a few months ago). I'd like to dye all my hair to be a level 8.5-9. If my bleached ends end up lighter than the rest of my hair, I wouldn't have a problem with it so that isn't a concern.

I'd also like to leave my roots slightly darker so my hair has more dimension and so that I can avoid a harsh line of demarcation as my hair grows out.

Does anyone have advice on how to do this on myself, and/or suggestions of products to use? My ideal shade is a light ash blonde with golden undertones, like the picture I'm linking to. Thanks for helping out the newbie :)

Sorry, we can't advise on colouring techniques to non-professionals.

Please visit your hairdresser or local training college who will be happy to help you achieve your desired outcome.

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