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Feb 24, 2010
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Hi geeks, I was wondering if you could all give me a bit of advice. My friend currently has 5R (goldwell) on her hair and wants to go this colour.
Hayley Williams Hairstyle

She is mistakenly under the impression that this is going to be really easy to do!
I'm not sure the best way to go about this? Also I'm loath to go any further until I have taken any test cuttings.
Would I be best to try and lift the colour out with bleach, then pre pig, and then colour with the copper? :confused: I'm really worried about this as she is super fussy and I want to get it right!
Any replies are much appreciated :)
Test piece all the way, whats her base? I think you could pre pig if you wanted it quite vibrant, personally i would see how the test piece would take on the natural base then lighten the front. You can acheive this look with out the need to pre lighten, majicontrast pure copper or a colour booster would work great on this! hths xoxo
Oooh I hadn't thought about using the majicontrast copper on it, but will it lift out that red? Thats my main issue. She is a base 5/6 naturally but has a lot of colour build up on her hair.
Much appreciated advice though :hug:
It should lift regardless, definalty try a test piece. I say that it should lift because many of the red tones look nicer in the RC or CC shades, but that my preference.
Either way i think majicontrast would lift it more on a dark base. I would definalty go with a copper colour boost on maybe a 7/8C the RBs are quite nice too. I find if it has been pre lightened it fades more quicker. xoxo

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