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Nov 2, 2007
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Well, despite my migraines from acrylic in the past Im going to give it another go and see if I can have as much fun as you guys do.
I love doing gel dont get me wrong - but I want to make flowers etc and thought I would get a sample pack (try me kit) from CND.
They sent me

pink powder
white powder
fast track instructions !!!!

Before I dive in and give it a go (after using IBD products in the past) is there any advice anyone can give me on technique, or can you explain the difference between retention and monomer (which I have used in the past) - surely the rest is just getting the mix right.
LOL if this works out I will post some pics for you of my first attempt. :lol:
Thanks for your help in advance
Hi mate, have you done any formal training with acrylic? Or just gel? Had a look at your profile but am not sure?
If you have been doing only gel for over a year then i would defo do a refresher course with CND.
If you just dive in when unsure of techniques with only written advice ,honestly you will be left feeling very deflated.
Nothing beats seeing technique:hug:
Retention+ is monomer (the liquid part of L&P is monomer no matter what the brand) hun its just the CND brand name for that particular monomer, I agree with Illumegirl, do you have L&P training of some sort?
Thank you both for your replies, I have taken on board your advice and will look into a conversion course in CND in L&P and see how I go from there. :hug:

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