Gold undertones

Morning, I have a client who has very gold undertones and says that after a short while her hair always comes through very gold.
She is a level 7 with 100% grey. Last time she had it coloured she had majirel 8. With scattered bleach highlights. She now wants to go slightly darker so was thinking of mixing majirel 7.1 to illiminate the gold and base 7 so the grey won’t come out translucent. Any thoughts.

Your 7.1 colour over the already gold is going to give you a flat green tone? You’d need a violet to tone out the gold she doesn’t want?


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Not sure from the typo if you meant illuminate (enhance) or eliminate? If you want to neutralise the gold, you will need purple/violet but what sort of blonde tone is your client looking for?

If she’s 100% grey then the gold showing through must be the tint fading. If she’s using cheap shampoos or hot irons, she could be inadvertently stripping the colour herself. Could you do her roots with majirel and then a Demi or semi to refresh the mids/ends?


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If she is 100% grey/white then there should not be any gold undertone. Look into majirel cool cover if she hates brassyness when the color fades.