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Mar 30, 2012
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Sydney, Australia
Just wondering what Hi-Lift you guys use and prefer? I use Loreal Majiblond at the moment at work, they dot come up nice, brassy even on a 6-7 level, I normally use 901s + 911 +12% and still orange/yellow everyone finds the same, what hi-lifts do use use that come up nice and clean ?
I like kp 12/1. I find if its left on for full developement time its gorgeous on base 7 upwards but on base 6 its a bit gold:)
Never really liked majiblonde and to be honest I don't really like highlift tints in general...affinage seem to lift well but I'd rather use spectrum with 8 vol to achieve a natural toned blonde than use a highlift tint with 40 vol for double the time...just my preference though
Not supposed to use 12% with majiblonde. It explodes the tone out of the colour i.e doesn't deposit an ash tone and it lifts too much pigment too quick. Use 9% it leaves a much cleaner blonde :) also you probably know but seeing as half the girls on my colour change course didn't know
Maaaan hit send by accident. Majiblonde is mixed 1:2 not 1:1.5 like the other ranges :)
Our Loreal rep said it was fine to use it, just it wouldn't deposit the tone, so you think 9% would work with a level 6-7? And be more clean would I get the lift??
Yeah I meant to say that, you can use 12% your just not really meant to. I always say if you know the rules you can break them :) I'll probably get shot for saying that ha ha! It is a little touch and go on a base 6, it can sometimes go warm if the natural hair has some warmth in it. I only tend to use highlift on 7 and above and on coloured hair to get a caramel tone. You can always add a sprinkle of bleach to the majiblonde to give it a kick :)
Are you joking about the bleach adding o the majiblonde?! Is that safe seeing how majiblonde ammonia content is over 4.5!!
No not joking! Was told that by rep during salon training. Just a tiny sprinkle.

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