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Mar 24, 2006
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How many of you have the google adverts on your website ?

Is it worth it and how easy is it to get them removed if you decided you didn't want them ?

I have thought about adding them onto my website but was a bit worried there might be loads of ad's for cheap products etc.
Maybe not as popular as I thought then lol :lol:
I personally don't pay much attention to them when they appear on websites, and i wouldn't have them on mine xx
Hi i would not put these adds on our website as i personaly think they then make your website look tacky, this is just my opinion though!:)
I have Google ads on my site and they generate about £50 of revenue per month - not alot to some but I am happy with it - I dont have to do anything for it.

Maybe they make my site look tacky, that is a matter of opinion, fair enough LOL.

You can specify the content to be as near to relevant as possible and also you can ban some sites from being included - keep an eye on the sites being advertised and if you dont like one, log into your account and ban it.

If you want them removed all you do is remove the code, easy as.

Not everyone's cup of tea but I feel it helps people visiting my site to get information from other sites.
I just looked at your website Fiona and personally I don't think the Google ads are intrusive or tacky... on the contrary for some reason... I always think it looks more professional... and can be helpful to some people. Obviously that is my opinion and there will always be those who are for and against.Plus if you can ban adverts you don't like then thats a bonus.
Sometimes I don't even know they are there though TBH...:eek:

Plus if it generates an extra little income...I would definately include them... I didn't know that happened!!! Not that I have a website...:lol:
well i agree with sports guru...tacky:)

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