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Jul 20, 2006
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Gold Coast, Australia
Hi everyone!

I know I'm not a big presence on the forums, but I'm the kind of gal who thinks, if you can't add anything to the discussion, don't bother to post :green:

Anyway, the point of this post is: I have gotten a job at an up-market salon. And I'm really nervous. I was hired on the basis of my personality mostly. I did a set of nails that they liked, but mainly they think I'll fit in well with the other techs. And I'm sure I will.

Here are my issues, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

1. Worried that my work isn't good enough. But I *am* doing something about that. I have enrolled for further training which starts next week.

2. The manager made a point of telling me that it is an upmarket salon and I need to look glamourous, etc. Especially made a point about makeup (even though I was *wearing it*). I wear makeup most days, but only very light. I have no idea where to start if what I do already is not good enough! I'm going shopping today to get some new foundation and lippy, because I think that's probably the main thing, and I'm hoping that I can get in to one of those "make-over" thingies because then I can see how they apply it and get some product recommendations, but any pointers from skin geeks would be greatly appreciated!

3. AUGH!! I'm just so excited, and bl*$#%y nervous! HELP PLEASE GEEKS!

4. I have to keep my enhancements off because of the course I'm going to do soon, but I need to improve the appearance of my natural nails. Especially since they have dents from where I ripped off the old set. PLEASE don't slam me for this, I know what I did was wrong, wrong, wrong, but I have an excuse! I was travelling overseas with my grandparents, and that kind of stress just isn't easily coped with. You might understand more if you knew my grandparents. I can see a murder-suicide in their future! It's my own fault my nails look crap, but can anyone suggest how I could improve them enough for work without doing something that will interfere with my course?
well done for getting the job, youll be fine bird, they obviously love you, be yourself and dont doubt yourself and lastly, have faith in yourself!!
Thanks, honeymummy. My first day went really well (except for a horrible client) and they seem pretty impressed. So YAY!
Well done for getting the job! and in your second post you already sound like you are making a great hit!! so i really dont think that you need any advice from anyone hun, just keep doing whatever you are doing!!
As regards make-up though if you are used to using a light make-up and you feel more comfortable with this, then thats fine, but one idea may be to use a slightly darker lipstick. This will totally change the appearance of your face and will make you appear very made up. I do this quite alot as I hate the feeling of being caked in foundation and powder,so instead I put an extra layer of mascara on and a darker shade of lippy. works wonders!!
As for your nails,why not go for the practical natural look? buff the nails, and shape them and paint them with a good glossy clear colour!

I wish you all the look with your new job, but i dont think you have anything to worry about.:hug:
You have done the first day and thats always the far worst. You also mentioned a nasty client, well dont worry mate we all get them!! just smile sweetly!!:)
The boss was really supportive about the horrible client, so it was fairly easy to let that one go ;)

Unfortunately, my skintone isn't even enough to get away with light foundation. I got some advice from the Max Factor X-team and I've been packing the foundation on. ICK! But it looks "right". The BIG boss is in today, so I suppose I'll find out if it's good enough.
Thanks for your reply, gemmamarie.
Congratulations on getting what sounds like a great job.

As for the make up, maybe getting some advice from our new colleagues, as to what they wear, would be a good idea. This will break the ice and get you chatting with them and they may have some great tips for you.

Also I agree that you just need to manicure your own nails, keep them short and neat, with either a buffed shine or a clear polish, until you have done your course.
Your employer is really lucky to have someone so dedicated thay they do courses in their own time. Most employees once they have landed the job, expect the boss to send them and pay for courses!!!

Good Luck.
well donexxxx
Thanks you for all the support guys! I worked yesterday and the big boss came in. The first thing she said was "Your makeup looks really good today". I felt like I had slathered it one with a spatula, but at least I know what she wants and how to get that look to happen now. *Sigh* I'm guessing that when I've been there a bit longer I can start to ease back a little on it ;).
So far it's going really well. The girls are great and though the boss is a bit of a dragon, she basically told me to dob in the other staff, she's not around very much, and the woman who manages and supervises the salon is a total legend.

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