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Mar 10, 2004
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Just been in to our little town and two hairdressers have agreed to carry my business cards, so please i thought they would all say no!!!!

There is only one nail bar in the Town and it's not great.

Fingures crossed now for lots of calls,.....dam it on the phone line, i knew i should have got broadband !!!
Hi ya, hope you do get clients from it, i really want to leave my leaflets in haridressers but dont know how to approach them, i always feel a bit weird when it comes to things like this, sad i know!! but any tips? x x xx
Good luck Bugs - keep us posted on how you get on. Like Kelly i'd be pleased of any hints as to how to approach them.
Me to - I have approached and they never seem to want to know - I have even offered to do the owner/manager a free set with 2 maint appoints but that didn't work... :sad:
hi ya

I just went in holding some cards in a one of those little plastic holders so they could see that they will be neat and tidy. Told them who I was and would they mind display the cards for me and they were fine about it. The onnly one that said no, has a beauty salon next door and the landlord says they arnt to do the same things.

it was easy once I had been in to one, the worst they can do is say no!!
I have just done some leaflets which i think are pretty good..if i must say so myself lol! so think i will bite the bulllet and go into some local haidressers aah how scary! has anyone put any leaflets into hotels etc just wondered if this would be worth it as they might fancy a quick pamper before they head out?
Try it, you have nothing to lose. make sure you put the leaflets into a holder so they dont get thrown around the desks. One shop i went in to had someone else on the counter in a pile and you could even see them

hey if I can do so can you!!!!!
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