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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Back from the land o the leprechaun only to zip off to Athens for a show over the weekend.
I shall return on Tuesday in time for the Watchdog program. I have been assured that it will air then.

If you find yourself in beautiful Athens and fancy a nail demonstration, by al means stop by and give me good ol secret sacred geek handshake.

As I have been travelling a bit much lately, I have appointed a moderator to ensure that the board stays clean and on topic ;)

Till then… nJoy
Do we get to know who this moderator is then?
After all, if I`m to get my wrists slapped, I`ll want to know who`s doing the slapping, lol
hi geek pleased you all had a great time in ireland. i was looking at some pics a freind of mine had bought round from when she visited southern ireland in the summer and the scenery :shock:
btw how does the hand shake go :D
nickki jones
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